Recent releases

source material recorded 11-19-04-2018 in Chernivitsi
processed and arranged in September 2018 for the exhibition
“Leger und Träger” by Caroline Bayer 

Old news…

I’ll be in Japan for 3 weeks, luckily I will be playing two shows in Tokyo.

One set will be at the event of Black Corporation at www, Shibuya on the 16th of November. You should go as Jim O’Rourke will play on the main stage that night.
On the 18th of November I will also join Minamo, my old friend dot tape dot and a few other artist at a showcase at Book Lab Tokyo.

Two soundpieces about Ukraine

From 17th to 31st of October 2018, my second soundpiece titled “8 days in Chernivtsi” (previously premiered on Radio will be part of Caroline Bayer’s exhibition Leger & Träger in Chernivtsi at Steinbarg Gallery.

Previously, (in Cologne in July/August 2018) another piece titled “Hlávka (Minsk-32 redux)” was part of an exhibition titled “Минск” by Caroline Bayer.

Caroline Bayer