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“Just" (Strings & Flute - Side A)“ was created in June 2019 during “Composing with Intonations: Microtonal Sound“ a workshop led by Marc Sabat at ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin.

“Just (Strings & Flute)“ is a dialogue between “pure“ but beating sinewaves and acoustic instruments (Abigail Toll - flute, Thomas Nicholson – violin, Marc Sabat – viola, Cenk Ergün – recording) and other recordings (closely miced fermentation, a distant washing machine, a “frozen“ guitar chord recorded in a room with squeaky floor boards).

Just Birds (Side B) was created with the same setup but no acoustic instruments were harmed, the birds woke me so early on a trip to Warnemünde. I only manipulated the speed of the recording. At the same time I noticed lots of negative discussions of “too many birdsounds in “ambient” music” and thought, the problem might just be the music. I enjoyed the dialogue between the sines and how the birdsounds are just opening everything up so much more.

In the tradition of Flying Saucer Attack I consider this album as an end of “phase 3”.